• Introducing the Houses!

    Posted by AMY SPURGER on 8/26/2018

    Friday the students reached into a paper bag and pulled out their new house color!  It was a very exciting afternoon.  This year we will ROAR!  Respect, On Task, Awesome Attitude and Responsibility.  Each house represents one of the qualities in ROAR.  The house name is the house trait in Latin and has a color and animal.  

    Students, teachers and staff are all able to earn point for their house.  The house will the most points at the end of the year will be the winner!  I'm in the Quora, which is purple and an Eagle.  Be sure to ask your student which house they are in! 

    Getting our house! The Houses

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  • Pencils!

    Posted by AMY SPURGER on 8/18/2018

    Pencils are always such an issue.  They are like that sock that disapears in the dryer. So this year we are trying something new in 5th grade ELAR.  

    Each child will receive a pencil bag with their number on it to keep in class.  The bag will have a specified number of pencils.  Every Friday they will be checked and if the student still has all their pencils they will get a small prize.  After 5 prizes, they will be able to choose an in class reward. 

    Our hope is this will help teach responsibility, will make sure everyone has what they need, and will always have a sharpened pencil. 


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  • First Week

    Posted by AMY SPURGER on 8/18/2018

    We had an amazing first week!  We all eventually made it to where we were supposed to be.  By Friday I saw very few schedules out and these kids were almost experts getting around!  

    Stamina was our big word of the week.  We are building our reading and writing stamina.  Students were able to check out a book from my classroom libray on Friday and we will be going to the school library next week.  Our class day for a library visit is scheduled for Tuesdays.  

    We worked on curisve writing to get our hands back in shape for our writing staminia.  We read some great articles from our Storyworks magazines to build our reading staminia.  

    The kids also created their 'All About Me' poster and I took their picture to go on the poster.  You'll be able to see these in the hallways soon! 

    Next week we will start getting our center procedures down and will start working on our 'Target Reading.'  This is something students will complete as they come into class.  They will read a short passage every day for a week and answer one question a day over it.  

    Thank you for sharing your child with me!  This is going to be an amazing year!  












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