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    2023 – 2024 Returning Student Registration Timeline

    Greetings Parents! As we begin to wrap up our 22-23 school year and prepare for 23-24, we would like to inform you of dates dealing with Parent Portal, enrollment, and re-registration.

    Parent portal will be closed June 23rd for maintenance and changing to 23-24 enrollment requirements. Please ensure you have logged in and retrieved your student’s report card information. 

    Open Enrollment & Re-registration begins July 10th, 2023

    Continue reading below about STAAR release of resutls and how you can access them on your Parent Portal login.

  • 📰 Requirements for Enrollment & Re-Registration 📰   

    All students must have current documentation entered/uploaded/provided to campus registrars before classes start on August 10th.  We are combining a mix of paper documents and online documentation input.  Downloadable paper copies will be available July 10th. 

    WPISD Board Policy for Admissions ~: https://pol.tasb.org/PolicyOnline/PolicyDetails?key=1187&code=FD#legalTabContent

    New Enrollments as well as re-registration requirements must have a current proof of residency document. 

    • Current Proof of Residency^.  (TEA’s school district Locator FAQ)
      • This should be a recent utility bill (May 2023 – current)
      • Examples: 💦Water Bill , 💡 Electric Bill , 🆖 Natural Gas , 📺 Cable (installed) or 🏠 paid rental / lease agreement [this is for living household not empty land lot].
        • We cannot accept trash pick-up bills, cell phone bills, homeowner / car insurance bills, or voter registration cards.  
      • These documents must have physical address where student lives along with name of legal guardian. (Local Policy*: https://pol.tasb.org/PolicyOnline/PolicyDetails?key=1187&code=FD#localTabContent)
      • If you are unable to provide proof of residency due to living arrangement hardship, you will need to visit a campus for required documentation to support residency.

    New Enrollments  must have the following: 

    • Current Immunization / shot Records. (Tx HHS Link)
    • Child’s Birth Certificate, proof of identity
    • The person enrolling a student must be a legal guardian, a copy of your current ID is required. (Driver’s License, passport, state ID, etc.)
      • If legal guardianship has changed or there are court-ordered restrictions, then current documentation is required.
    • Any enrollment records, special program information, and report cards from previous district / campus are helpful in determining placement and schedules.
    • Social Security Number, or any state supplied ID number from previous district/campus.
    • Paper Packet will include updated household and student(s) information. Along with Social Media / Directory Release permissions. Available July 10th to download. 

    Lastly, you will be required to create a parent portal account to finish with Online Enrollment. This account will then allow you to monitor your student’s attendance and report card grade information. Link below (look for image). 

    Again, you can reach out to nancy.morris@wpisd.com with any questions or help with Parent Portal.
    Nancy Morris,
    Student Data Services Coordinator

    ~ A board or its designee may make reasonable inquiries to verify a person's eligibility for admission. 
    ^ "Residence" requires living in the district and having the present intention to remain there. Martinez v. Bynum, 461 U.S. 321 (1983) 

    * The District may investigate stated residency as necessary.

  • TRANSFER Requests (want to attend WPISD but live outside the school boundary)


    For students that were approved for the 22-23 school year, please look for a direct email from Nancy Morris. If you did not receive one, please email her at nancy.morris@wpisd.com to request the application form for the 23-24 school year.


    If you are looking into becoming a transfer family to WPISD schools and live outside our boundaries, please email Nancy Morris for more information, nancy.morris@wpisd.com

    • Required documentation to provide with request:
      • Attendance Records, Current 22-23 final Report Card, Discipline Reports, past STAAR reports


    Final STAAR scores will be released on TEA’s family portal on June 30th for EOC (grades 9-12) and August 16th for grades 3-8 (districts will receive scale scores earlier for decision making). You can access these scores using your parent portal login.  Click on the student’s card and then the green Texas Assessment button next to Report Card.

    A green square with white textDescription automatically generated with medium confidence    Here is TEA’s assessment website for more resources and information:  https://www.texasassessment.gov/families.html


     Click the image below to open the Parent Portal
    Haga clic en la imagen a continuación para abrir el Portal para padres
    Parent Portal


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    Middle School (5th to 6th)
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