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    MONDAY: May 13, 2019 6th Math STAAR Test and all TEXAS TESTING DATES


    We will be covering 10 Units this year.  A few units are separated into 2 sections.

    Unit 1 - Classifying numbers; identifying opposites; absolute values;  locating & comparing integers; add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers; modeling integer operations; intro to coordinate grids

    Unit 2 - Add, subtract, multiply and divide decimals and fractions; comparing and ordering rational numbers; graphing on coordinate grids including rational numbers

    Unit 3 - Identifying additive/multiplicative relationships; ratios, percents, proportions, scale factor, part-whole-percent problems

    Unit 4 - Exponents, Order of Operations, prime factorization, properties of operations, evaluating expressions, basic algebra vocabulary

    Unit 5 - Expressions, equations, inequalities (one-step, one-variable only)

    Unit 6 - Independent and dependent variables in verbal, equations, tables and graphs

    Unit 7 - Triangles: Sums of angles, length/side relationships, determining if three lengths form a triangle

    Unit 8 - Area of parallelograms, trapezoids, and triangles; volume of right rectangular prisms

    Unit 9 - Analyzing data: mean, median, mode, range, IQR; dot plots, stem & leaf plots; histograms; box plots; percent bar graph

    Unit 10 - Financial Literacy: debit vs credit; credit history & reports; paying for college; comparison of salaries over time