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Mrs. Jillian Kornegay

Jillian Kornegay (formerly Jillian Downey) is a kindergarten teacher who enjoys teaching her very brilliant energetic class.  If you step into her class, you might just hear her students being crowned "Sight Word Kings" or "Sight Word Queens."  Mrs. Kornegay encourages her students to take learning beyond the classroom by reading everynight with their parents, mastering letter sounds, practicing sight words, and always remembering to see them, say them, amd write them.  Learning is a fantastic adventure in our class, we learn with enthusiasm because it is so much more exciting and memorable. There is always an opportunity to grow and apply learning to everything and every situation, especially at this age.  Mrs. Kornegay is known to sing, dance, juggle, or read in a multitude of voices to enrich the lives of her students.  The most important requirement to succeeding in Mrs. Kornegay (or Mrs. K's) class is to have fun, use your whole body for groovy learning, sing your heart out, and make the world a better place through love, laughter and kindness with your classmates because KINDergarteners are KIND above all!

  • Let's Read!Please be encouraged to help your child build reading fluency by reading to them and with them for at least twenty minutes. The leveled readers that your child brings home should be more independent. Beginner readers can benefit from counting how many words are in the sentence on the page before reading. Have your child touch each word when reading. Have them sound out the word first and if they struggle, encourage them to look at the picture and see if there is a clue to the word they are sounding out.

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Mrs. K's Book List

  • Book Blog

    Posted by JILLIAN KORNEGAY on 5/3/2022

    Hello my little book worms, 

    Tell me about the book you read.  Let's talk about the characters and the setting.  What was the author's purpose?

    Sometimes I feel like the book understands me, which is so exciting.  How do you like the main character? 

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  • What is your favorite memory in our class this year?

    Posted by JILLIAN DOWNEY on 5/4/2022

    I have had so many amazing memories with all of you, but I am very interested in what your favorite memories were?

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