• Welcome to the WPISD Counseling page.  

    Professional School Counselors are available at each Wills Point ISD campus to provide a Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Program and services for all students in the areas of:

    • Guidance Curriculum - In an effort to help students develop competence in essential life skills
    • Responsive Services - Provide intervention for immediate personal/social/emotional concerns
    • Individual Planning - Provide guidance to help students plan, monitor, and manage their personal, educational and career goals, and facilitate transition activities for post-secondary education and/or training
    • System Support - Support campus staff, parents, and community to promote the educational, career, personal, and social development of students, as well as the Developmental Guidance Program

    School Counselors provide

    • Consultation services with students and parents for academic, social/emotional, and behavior concerns
    • Facilitate the identification and placement of students in most special programs
    • Provide consultation services to staff and special program committees
    • Promote career awareness and provide information and resources for post-secondary education
    • Coordinate crisis intervention for students and staff
    • Provide staff development and training for staff and parents 
    • Coordinate standardized and state assessments for students and interpret test scores

    The mission of the Counseling Division is to provide opportunities for all students to develop an understanding of themselves in relationship to their environment and assume responsibility for their own actions and choices in their educational, career, and social environments. 

    Students and their parents should contact their student's school counselor for more information about the Guidance and Counseling Program.

    Counseling Staff: 

    Primary: Amy Grubaugh
    Woods Intermediate: Sheila Lewis
    Middle School: Rhonda Knight
    Junior High: Morgan Odom
    High School: Candace Craig (9th & 10th grade counselor)
                          Karen Hemmi (11th & 12th grade counselor)
                          Gina Carpenter (dual credit counselor)
    District Crisis & Intervention Counselor: Amanda Schmidt, LPC
    Special Programs LPC: Elizabeth Smith, LPC

    Counseling Department Resources:


    Andrews Center- Mental Health Services

    For new patients seeking mental health services: 903-535-7312

    If you are in crisis, call 877-934-2131


    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    Dial: 988

    Wills Point ISD wants parents to feel educated about the signs their children might be showing if they are thinking about suicide and how to get their child help.  Watch this Video for more information. If you have concerns about your child, you may contact their school counselor during school hours.

    These are crisis lines that are open 24/7 or if there is a mental health crisis/emergency after school hours:
    Andrews Center Crisis Hotline: 1-877-934-2131
    Crisis Text Line 741-741 (text HOME)
    Suicide & Crisis Center of North Texas: 214-828-1000
    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 988 or (1-800-273-8255)
    Texas Youth Hotline: 1-800-989-6884 (call or text)


    Crisis Text Line

    Text HELP to 741-741


    Hope Squad

    This is a FREE resource from the Cook Center for Human Connection. It offers courses, delivered by licensed therapists, on topics such as helping a child with depression, identifying anxiety, and coping with grief and loss. Parents can also anonymously submit questions and receive a written/video response by a therapist. The website not only offers parenting advice but also helps parents explore their own mental health, giving parents the tools to lead happy, confident lives.