Degrees and Certifications:

Google Certification Level 1

Michele Schoening

I am so excited to be back in the computer lab! I have 11+ years experience teaching technology to students up to 7th grade. I have fun lessons planned for your students. They might even come home and teach you a few tricks. Your students will be introduced to; a Google Boot Camp, to prepare them for the next grade. Everything I teach will be at grade level. I will build on each year I have your student. This year being the first, I will expose as much as I can to all grade levels.

I live in Forney with my husband, Doug, who is from Green Bay. Yes, football Sundays are interesting at our house. We have 2 dogs; Barkley, an English Lab, and Steele, a Catahoula Leopard dog we rescued. Doug and I have a son, Dawson, who is in his last semester at a Bible College in Missouri becoming a Missionary/Pastor. Dawson recently married Kayla, who is also attending the same college with a major in education and a minor in missionaries. Kayla was one of my students in Forney - full circle.