• College and Career Readiness indicates what a graduate must know in order to be successful in higher education and beyond. 

    College readiness is assessed by six key indicators:

    1. Completion of advanced and or dual high school-college credit course(s);
    2. Completion of a high school academic program that exceeds minimum state requirements and meets the Recommended High School Program (RHSP), 
         or more rigorous Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP);
    3. Completion and successful passage of at least one Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) course;
    4. Meeting or exceeding benchmark scores on the high school exit exam in both mathematics and English language arts;
    5. Meeting or exceeding required scores on the Texas college admissions test (Texas Success Initiative, Higher Education Readiness Component) 
         in both mathematics and English language arts; and,
    6. Meeting or exceeding state benchmarks on either the ACT or SAT college admissions exams.

    Resource Links

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    ACT Testing Info and Registration:

     ACT image 
    The ACT is given at Wills Point High School

     SAT Testing Info and Registration:

     College Board image 

     The SAT is given in Terrell or Canton
    **If you receive free or reduced lunch you may qualify for a fee waiver for the ACT and SAT tests, ask the counseling office for details!**

    Scholarship Information:

    For a list of SEVERAL local scholarship options - Click HERE for the WPHS Counselor's Corner webpage

    The following website are a great resource for scholarships, there are tons available!!

    The Minnie Piper Stevens Compendium

    The Compendium of Texas Colleges and Financial Aid Calendar is published yearly. The Compendium contains a list of colleges and universities in the State of Texas, admission requirements, total expenses for an academic year, financial aid data and related information, helpful hints to the college bound, together with a Calendar of various scholarship deadlines arranged by months.  Your counselor has a few of these books available to you by request.  You may also find the Compendium online at

    Here is a clickable link to every college in Texas, and at each link you will find the information for it from the Compendium.

    College Planning

    The Texas Common Application - www.applytexas.org
    College Planning and Financial Aid for Generation TX!
    Every Chance, Every Texan:
    SAT/ACT information and registration
     Check out this new resource for college planning! 

    Affordable Schools Online

     It is never too early (or too late) to start college planning Big Future, is a great site that covers all aspects of college planning, from choosing a major to financial aid- check it out!

    College Athlete Info

    The NCAA’s outreach and education efforts related to initial eligibility continue to remain a priority. These efforts are centrally focused on the NCAA Division I requirements for college-bound student-athletes enrolling on or 
    after August 1, 2016. The following documents and presentations will assist colleges,  the high school community, coaches, as well as students and parents with the initial  eligibility, recruiting and college selection processes. Please refer to  www.eligibilitycenter.org or the new outreach site,www.2point3.org for more information.

    TSI Testing
    Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Placement Testing
    • The TSI Assessment will be given on the Terrell campus on the first Friday of fall and spring semesters (except September and January) and in the Summer, the first Thursday of each month. 
    • Pre-registration is required prior to testing.
    • Students must complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) located at www.tvcc.edu/testing prior to testing. Be sure to print the PAA certificate and turn into the Guidance Office on the Terrell campus. Once the student turns in the PAA certificate and provides his/her name, phone number and email, he/she will be given a confirmation with the date of testing.
    • On testing day, arrive no later than 8:30 a.m.You must have a photo I.D. and $35 cash, check, money order or credit/debit card.

    Texas Common Application:
    This application can be used for ANY four or two-year college in Texas, check with the colleges you are interested in for application deadlines!

    After SENIOR parents receive their W-2s in January, students and/or parents need to fill out a FAFSA, this begins the process of finding grants, loans, and scholarships for students. The sooner you complete a FAFSA the better the chance of getting more money- so act fast!

    here for steps to completing FAFSA, while you can't start FAFSA until January you can apply for a PIN NOW!!!

    College Links:
    College Major Quiz: 
    The link below asks a series of questions to help students determine which college majors might be of interest to them.

    College Confidential:
    This link takes students to a discussion board type community where they can get answers to practically any question they might have about college.

    Best College Scholarships

    University HQ