Message from Dr. Caloss

  • Caloss and students Welcome to Wills Point ISD where traditions are rich and innovative ideas are at the forefront.  WPISD is proud and celebrates the many traditions that have been established throughout the years.  We also are always searching for new and innovative ideas that will have a positive impact on our students.  Student engagement and student led instruction, are the primary focus of the district.


    At WPISD, we believe genuine relationships and connections are fundamental to learning.  In WPISD, learning is not confined to the classroom.  We believe in inspiring life-long learners.  Our students will flourish as productive citizens by exemplifying qualities of character, service, and leadership to empower themselves and impact the community.  The WPISD learning experience allows student to discover, evaluate, and reflect through collaboration and effective purposeful communication. 


    The WPISD learning experience is a team effort.  We value the importance of working together with parents, local businesses, and the community.  Together, we can have a greater impact on the learning experience of all students. 

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    Scott Caloss, EdD
    Superintendent, Wills Point ISD
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