• New Announcement - August 1, 2022

    It is almost time for school to start. Parents, we know you are very excited about that!

    We have done our best to communicate NEW requirements for registration this year. First, you are required to have a Parent Portal account with an active/verified email address. PLEASE use an email address you check often, and check Spam folders incase our emails are not coming to your inbox. If you have any issues with your parent portal account, please email portal@wpisd.com or nancy.morris@wpisd.com.

    Secondly, we are requiring every student to have an updated Proof of Residency (POR) document. Most campuses need this submitted in Registration, emailed, or handed in to be able to pick up student's schedules. Let us explain a little more what POR is. We are required under Texas Education Code §25.001(b)(1) to prove that  the student resides at the physical address given by guardians. Proof of residence documents must have guardian's name and the physical address of student. This could be a current and paid water, natural gas/butane, electricity, cable, or satellite bill. These are considered utilities.

       💦Water Bill    /    💡 Electric Bill    /    🆖 Natural Gas    /   📺 Cable

    We cannot accept trash pick-up bills, cell phone bills, homeowner / car insurance bills, or voter registration cards.

    If you live with someone else and that person is the one who pays all the utilities, you can download this form (Residency Notarized Form / Español) and have it notarized. Please include a current utility bill with the owner's name on it. 

    Again, you can reach out to portal@wpisd.com or nancy.morris@wpisd.com with any questions or help with Parent Portal.

    Nancy Morris,
    Student Data Services Coordinator

  • Families NEW to WPISD

    Click HERE to learn more about enrolling a new student. ONLY click here if your child has never been to Wills Point Schools. If your child has ever attended WP, then please click on the other side for more information on returning students. 

    Required Copies of: 

    • Birth Certificate,
    • Guardian's Drivers License/ID, 
    • Immunization records,
    • copy of SSN card if providing number,
    • Proof of Residency,
    • Click above for all required documentation needed.
    • transcripts/report cards from previous district(s), and any legal documents pertaining to custody and/or name change.
  • Families returning to WPISD from last year's enrollment

    Click  HERE for full information on requirements for registration. If your student has ever attended Wills Point ISD, then they are considered a returning student. Even if it was years ago.

    You will need to UPOAD, Email, or GIVE a copy to campus on proof of current residency.


    Anyone can 📩 email portal@wpisd.com if you need help with the parent portal. It does not matter if you are completing new enrollments or returning registration.