Kirt Cockerham
  • I'm Kirt Cockerham.  This is my 25th year of teaching.  I taught 7 years at Fruitvale, 12 years at Cedar Hill, and 3 years at Mesquite.  I was born and raised in Wills Point.


    I have a bachelors degree in business from SFA and a masters in science from TAMU. 


    I will be teaching audio/video, Prin. of Tech, and animation.

    Conference time 9:53-10:46



    Teacher Certifications:

    Industrial Technology





    Google Classroom Codes:

    period 1 Prin Of Tech

    period 2 Animation

    period 4 Prin of Tech

    period 5 Animation II

    period 6 Audio/Video

    period 7 Audio/Video

    period 8 Animation