Transportation Information

Yellow school buses

    When a parent has enrolled their child into WPISD, Wills Point ISD, acknowledge that you have read and understood  by filling out the form below. 

    Student Rider Acknowledgement Form



  • Dear Parent,

    The Wills Point School district provides bus transportation to and from school as a courtesy service for eligible students residing in the district.  The State of Texas prescribes the conditions governing school bus operations and assists in providing the service by allotting the district a given amount for eligible students transported.

    In order to meet the conditions outlined by the state and provide safe prompt movement of students, the school district has adopted standard regulations and procedures and has provided restrictive measures for violations of the rules.  They are outlined in this booklet for your information and for the guidance of your child.

    The school district is pleased to provide transportation for its eligible students and solicits your assistance in helping create a safe, healthy operation.  You may do so by reading the enclosed material and acknowledging receipt by completing and returning the enclosed card to the bus driver.  We ask your cooperation with school in developing proper behavior patterns for those pupils who ride the bus.

    If you should need information concerning bus routes, schedules, drivers/monitors or other concerns, call (903)873-5100 Ext. 8.  Surveillance cameras are used on our buses to ensure a safe transportation system for the students and drivers/monitors.

    If you should need information concerning student misconduct on buses, you should contact the Transportation Department.

    Thank you,


    Assistant Superintendent of Operations & Student Services