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Curriculum and Instruction Dept Overview

Department Staff

Barbie McMath, Ed.D.

Barbie McMath, Ed.D.
Instruction and Accountability


Nancy Morris

Nancy Morris
State Testing and PEIMS Coord.
Instructional Materials Coordinator

Welcome to Curriculum and Instruction

The Office of Curriculum and Instruction exists to support the efficient and effective delivery of instructional resources and services that schools need to ensure student success.  The Office of Curriculum and Instruction is responsible for federal programs, student assessment, curriculum materials, professional development and parent involvement.  WPISD curriculum is based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills adopted by the Texas State Board of Education.  The mission of the Office of Curriculum and Instruction is to provide students with a strong academic foundation for life-long success.


We offer parents and community an opportunity to view curriculum documents as they are created and comment. If parents and the community would like to follow up information regarding comments, questions, or concerns, a section of the form below allows for parents/community to supply contact information.