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Wills Point ISD Police Department


Phone #: 903-873-5100



Complaint Form

This form is to be used as a tool as well as to inform you of the process after the complaint is filed. If there are any questions that you might have after you have read this form, do not hesitate to call and ask.

Bid Felony Conviction/Debarment Notice Form
State of Texas Legislative Senate Bill No. 1, Section 44.034, Notification of Criminal History, Subsection (a), states that “a person or business entity that enters into a contract with a school district must give advance notice to the district if the person or an owner or operator of the business entity had been convicted of a felony. The notice must include a general description of the conduct resulting in the conviction of a felony. Subsection (b) states “a school district may terminate a contract with a person or business entity if the district determines that the person or business entity failed to give notice as required by Subsection (a) or misrepresented the conduct resulting in the conviction. The district must compensate the person or business entity for services performed before termination of the contract.