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  Enrollment / Registration for the 2024-2025 School Year


     We are updating our enrollment and registration processes for the next school. Please follow our WPISD Facebook Page and check ParentSquare for the latest registration information. 


Requirements for ALL students:

Regardless of process, ALL students must have current documentation entered/updated.

WPISD Board Policy for Admissions


Must provide current proof of residency document. 

  • Current Proof of Residency.  (TEA’s school district Locator FAQ)
    • This should be a recent utility bill (May 2024 – Current) OR a paid statement that you are renting/leasing your home. We understand that utilities may be included in your agreement.
    • Examples: ๐Ÿ’ฆWater Bill, ๐Ÿ’ก Electric Bill, ๐Ÿ†– Natural Gas, ๐Ÿ“บ Cable/Satellite (hard-wired installed) or ๐Ÿ  paid rental/lease agreement currently paid receipt [this is for a household, not an empty land lot].
      • We cannot accept trash pick-up bills, cell phone bills, homeowner/car insurance bills, or voter registration cards.  
    • These documents must have the physical address where the student lives, along with the name of the legal guardian. (Board Policy)
    • If you cannot provide proof of residency due to living arrangement hardship, you will need to visit your assigned campus for the required documentation to support residency.
    • Assigned Campuses:
      • Pre-K-1st- Wills Point Primary 447 Terrace Dr Wills Point, TX
      • 2nd-4th- Woods Intermediate 307 Wingo Way Wills Point, TX
      • 5th-6th- Wills Point Middle School 101 School St Wills Point, TX
      • 7th-8th- Wills Point Junior High 200 Tiger Dr Wills Point, TX
      • 9th-12- Wills Point High School  1800 WS Commerce St Wills Point, TX

~ A board or its designee may make reasonable inquiries to verify a person's eligibility for admission. 
^ "Residence" requires living in the district and having the present intention to remain there. Martinez v. Bynum, 461 U.S. 321 (1983) 
* The District may investigate stated residency as necessary


In addition, you will need to also provide the following:

  • Current Immunization/Shot Records. (Tx HHS Link)

  • Child’s Birth Certificate, other proof of identity

  • The person enrolling a student must be a legal guardian (per official court documentation), a copy of your current ID is required. (Driver’s License, passport, state ID, etc.)

  • If legal guardianship has changed or there are court-ordered restrictions, current documentation is required. WPISD does not accept notarized guardianship documents. 

  • Any enrollment records, special program information, transcripts, and report cards from previous districts/campuses help determine placement and schedules.

  • Social Security Number (if available), or any state-supplied ID number from previous district/campus.


TRANSFER Requests are due by June 7, 2024, NO EXCEPTIONS. 


For now, please report to your student’s campus for enrollment paperwork.



 Click the link below to open the Parent Portal.


Parent Portal



For questions, please contact our administration office. 903-873-5100

or email


Individual Campus Information

 Primary (PreKinder to 1st grade) 
  447 Terrace Drive

WP Primary Facebook Page


Earnest O. Woods Intermediate (2nd to 4th)
  307 Wingo Way

     WP Intermediate Facebook Page


Middle School (5th to 6th)
  101 School St

  WP Middle Facebook Page


Junior High (7th to 8th)
   200 Tiger Drive

    WP Jr. High Facebook Page


 High School (9th to 12th)
  1899 WS Commerce

     WPHS Facebook Page

338 W. North Commerce, Wills Point, TX 75169                                                                                                                                                  CONTACT US|NONDISCRIMINATION STATEMENT|SITE DISCLAIMER

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